“Agriculture is alive”

Farmers demonstrate with tractors against allegations to the types of die – anger directed against the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze.

The aim of the protest action of the local farmers, the SPD was-the regional center in the Bergheimer street in Heidelberg. Here a Letter was handed in which, among other things, the resignation of Federal environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) is required. Photo: kaz.

By Karin Katzenberger-Reputation.

Heidelberg/Rhein-Neckar. With tractor convoys, farmers have also participated in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan region to nationwide protests. The farmers were protesting against agricultural policy and the allegation of substantial responsibility, to carry on the species. The resentment is especially directed against the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD).

The politician had made in the past week in a government report on the situation of nature in Germany, the intensive agriculture for the decline of Species responsible. Too much fertilizer and pesticides used on the Fields, it said.

Since then, the farmers feel as the scapegoats of the Nation. Members of the Initiative “Land connection” from the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, as well as from the area of Karlsruhe creates the SPD-regional centre in the Bergheimer street in Heidelberg, headed on Thursday in a tractor convoy to pass there is a Letter in which the rescission claim is justified .

It says, among other things: “We farmers are defending ourselves against defamation by the policy. We are calling for a factual and non-ideological consideration of the facts. The decline in biodiversity must be considered holistically and not one-sided.” And further: “A dialogue with the Federal Ministry for the environment was not possible, contact on our part will be ignored.”

This is likely to change soon. Although the farmers are not met, the SPD-members of Parliament Lothar Binding, but is responsible for public Relations Norbert Theobald assured that he will forward the Letter immediately and a Meeting with the members of convey. Until then, there will be but probably still more spontaneous actions, announced farmer Christian body from Laudenbach. “Farmers are the dead, comes the great famine” emblazoned in large letters on a banner. A tractor had a green casket in the cargo area, because agriculture “be buried alive” .

This is strongly reminiscent of the protest action “Green crosses”, with which the farmers had last year, successfully, against the action “Save the bees” in the then the Form turned. This was also the birth of the Initiative “country connection”. “Our members belong to more of the younger Generation and for the News future of the country”, stressed Christian body. “Not talking, on top of each other” is the title of the position paper on the website of the Initiative. However, it was also quick with a criminal complaint against the Federal Minister of the environment, as well as the President of the Federal Agency for nature conservation, Dr. Beate Jessel, in the case of the Hand.

It is sedition, defamation, and fraud. This was in the SPD regional an opinion of the Ministry of environment a position, in which it is stated that the allegations of the Initiative are completely baseless and without Foundation.

Meanwhile, prevailed in front of the SPD regional a friendly tone of authority. Norbert Theobald listened to the arguments carefully, not to but frankly, that farming was not his area of expertise. The conversation lasted only a few minutes, because after a few Turns in a row, Park tractors, should not interfere with the flow of traffic longer .

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