Commission presents reform: these are the proposals for the post-202 pension

Commission presents reform: these are the proposals for the post-202 pension

The party congress must make the final decision. In addition to Merz, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet and foreign policy specialist Norbert Röttgen are also applying for the CDU chairmanship. Sources used: dpa news agency

The Bundestag has passed the basic pension, which has long been contested in the grand coalition. From January 1st, 1.3 million people are expected to benefit.

It took a long time, but in the end it happened very quickly: with the votes of the Union and the SPD, the Bundestag passed the basic pension on Thursday. The MPs from the Left and the Greens abstained. The parliamentary groups of the FDP and the AfD voted no.

More than a million pensioners who, despite a long professional life, have so far only received low pensions from the statutory pension insurance, should benefit from this extra pension. Pensioners with small earnings must have paid contributions for at least 33 years if they want to receive a supplement.

Financing has long been a point of contention

The coalition partners agreed a long time ago on the introduction of the basic pension. In the Union there was until recently criticism of the financing of the estimated costs of 1.3 to 1.6 billion euros per year. Surprisingly, she agreed to finance it from the federal budget. The SPD had proposed this approach.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) originally wanted to use a financial transaction tax. But that is not in sight.

Fighting poverty in old age: This is how the basic pension should support pensioners Three examples: Who benefits from the basic pension – and who doesn’t? Commission presents reform: these are the proposals for the pension after 2025

The joy of Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) should be all the greater. According to him, the introduction of the basic pension makes it clear: "Work in our society makes a difference and this also applies to old-age insurance."

Sources used: own research, live stream of the Bundestag debate, with material from the news agencies AFP and dpa, show other sources less sources

The "Word of the year" 2020 is "Corona pandemic". A jury from the Society for German Language selected it on Monday. Many of the other words of the year also have something to do with the coronavirus.

"Corona pandemic" is from the Society for German Language (GfdS) to "Word of the year" 2020 was chosen. Landed in second place "Lockdown"as announced by the company. Third place goes to "Conspiracy tales".

During the campaign, a jury regularly selects ten words and phrases that have a particular linguistic influence on the political, economic and social life of a year.

The subject of Corona determined people’s lives throughout the year, said GfdS chairman Peter Schlobinski. Not only has it profoundly affected the economy, culture and personal life, for example, he explained. "The pandemic has resulted in a multitude of new word formations." As examples, he cited the corona crisis, corona aid package or corona-related.

The words and phrases of 2020

Corona PandemicLockdownConspiracy NarrationBlack Lives MatterAHAsystemically RelevantTriageGhost GamesGender StarsStay Healthy!

GfdS has been voting since 1977 "Word of the year"

The terms come from a collection of several thousand specimens from various media and submissions from outside parties. For a place on the list of "Words of the year" According to the GfdS, it is not the frequency that is decisive, but the significance and popularity. The linguists see their selection as a contribution to contemporary history. However, the selected words and phrases are not associated with any rating or recommendation.sample argumentative essay middle school The GfdS has been choosing words and phrases of the year since 1977.

2019 was "Respectable" has been named word of the year – the basic pension for those who have been employed for 35 years and receive a pension below the subsistence level. Last year came in second and third "Roller chaos" and "Fridays for Future".

"Word of the year": The winners of the past few years

2019 Respectrente2018 hot time2017 Jamaica-Aus2016 post-factual2015 refugees2014 light border2013 GroKo2012 rescue routine2011 stress test2010 Wutbürger2009 scrapping bonus Überwupper and Co .: Which words are no longer in the Duden Three terms in the final: ‘Lost’ is’ youth word of the year ‘2020 Corona terms in focus:’ Unword of the year Year 2020 ‘- These are the most common suggestions

The "Bad word of the year" will be chosen in mid-January 2021. The Society for the German Language will receive suggestions until the end of December.

Sources used: news agencies dpa, AFP press release of the Society for German Language

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Long worked and still little pension: this is the reality for many people. With the basic pension, long-term insured persons should now receive a premium on their mini pensions from 2021 onwards.

From January 2021: These health insurances increase the additional contribution New resolution: Costs for courts and lawyers increase Insurance coverage: Liability policy is essential Stiftung Warentest: Basic account is often expensive Christmas in lockdown: Quick gift: Pay attention to deadlines for vouchers

"The basic pension is not an independent benefit. It is paid out as a supplement to the statutory pension", explains Dirk von der Heide, press spokesman for the German Pension Insurance Association. "The height is determined individually."

Which requirements must be met?

Von der Heide: In order to be able to receive the basic pension supplement in full, there must be at least 35 years of so-called basic pension periods. However, the basic pension starts in a so-called transitional area when there are 33 years of basic pension periods.

Basic pension periods are, for example, periods with compulsory contributions from employment, periods of child-rearing and care, as well as periods in which you received benefits in the event of illness or rehabilitation.

Times of receipt of unemployment benefits I and II, times of school education, voluntary contributions or times of marginal employment – a so-called mini-job – without own contribution are not counted. By the way: Whether you are entitled to the basic pension is checked automatically. The payment is also made automatically. You do not have to do anything.

How is the basic pension calculated?

The surcharge is calculated individually. In short, the earnings points are increased on the basis of which the pension is calculated. The basic pension is calculated from all basic pension periods in which the earnings were at least 30 percent of the average earnings in Germany. In 2020, for example, this is around 1000 euros gross per month. If your own earnings are lower, this time is not counted.

Also, the average earnings in relation to the entire professional life may not have been more than 80 percent of the average earnings in Germany. For example, 80 percent of average earnings in 2020 are around 2700 euros gross per month. The basic pension cannot be paid if the average income over the entire working life is higher.

When is the basic pension paid?

The German pension insurance is expected to start from mid-2021 with the dispatch of the basic pension notices for pensioners who receive a pension for the first time from this point in time. Everyone else will receive their notifications gradually by the end of 2022.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any faster, as the introduction of the basic pension is associated with a considerable administrative burden. Of course, the basic pension supplements, to which you are entitled from January 2021, will be paid in all cases.

Losing your job is a tough blow. Despite the frustration, you should register as unemployed immediately in order to be able to claim benefits such as unemployment benefits. We’ll show you how.


Jobseeker or unemployed? When do I have to register as a jobseeker? When do I have to register as unemployed? How can I register as unemployed? How do I receive unemployment benefit?

Losing your job is often tough. Especially when you couldn’t tell. In this case, it is important for many to find a new job quickly.

The employment agency can help you with this. To do this, however, you have to contact her. We will show you what to look out for when you want to register as jobseeker or unemployed.

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Jobseeker or unemployed? What is the difference?

The Federal Employment Agency distinguishes between two types of reports in the event of impending unemployment: jobseeker reports and unemployment reports. What sounds similar is by no means the same.

Jobseeker: You are considered jobseeker if you are looking for a job – and at the employment agency as "looking for work" are reported. This notification is required so that the agency can support you in your job search. Unemployed: You are considered unemployed if you are unemployed, are trying to find a new job and have personally registered as unemployed (see below). The purpose of registering as unemployed is to secure your financial entitlement to unemployment benefit.

You have to adhere to different deadlines for the two types of notification (see below).

When do I have to register as a jobseeker?

You have to register as jobseeker three months before the end of your employment relationship. That means: while you are still working in your job.

This notification requirement is intended to keep the duration of unemployment as short as possible. Ideally, the employment agency will even be able to find you a subsequent job within these three months.

Employment law: What happens if I am absent without excuse? Job tip: Do I have the right to a raise?

If you find out late that your employment relationship ends – for example a month in advance – you are obliged to report to your employment agency within three days as a jobseeker.

If you do not adhere to this deadline, there is a risk of a blocking period of one week during which you are not entitled to unemployment benefit (see below). If the responsible employment agency is not open, for example on weekends or public holidays, it is sufficient if you make up the personal report on the next possible day in order to meet the deadline.

When do I have to register as unemployed?

To register as unemployed, you must submit an application in person to the employment agency no later than the first day of your unemployment. The application can be made three months in advance at the earliest.

Please note: the jobseeker registration is no substitute for the unemployment registration.

By the way: if you have already found a new job, you should note that it is also worthwhile to register as unemployed for a bridging period of just one or two months. Because for this period the employment agency pays the contributions for pension and health insurance in any case.

How can I register as unemployed?

Here it is important to differentiate between registering as jobseeker and registering as unemployed. We’ll show you where and what works.

Registering as a jobseeker: This is very easy to do online on this page. Here you first have to register. You can also call the toll-free number 0800/4555500. Another option is to contact the employment agency in writing. Registering as unemployed: In any case, you must personally register as unemployed with your employment agency. If this is not possible, please indicate this in your online application for unemployment benefit (see below) – you can then also use the so-called selfie identification procedure. It is important that the employment agency verifies your identity.

What documents do I have to bring with me when I register as unemployed?

Please note that you must bring the following documents with you to this appointment:

Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration, residence permit, work permit, social security card / social security number, letter of termination / employment contract, current curriculum vitae

How do I get unemployment benefits?

You will receive unemployment benefit I if you have registered as unemployed. It is important, however, that you have to submit an extra application for unemployment benefit. You can find this either online or on site at your employment agency.

Good to know: How you have health insurance in the event of unemployment Retirement insurance: These health insurance costs are incurred by you as a pensioner

Which documents are important for the application?

Certificates of employment from your previous employers Proof of contributions to the amounts paid into the unemployment insurance If applicable, letter of termination or declaration of work assignment

If you have already been unemployed, it is advisable to also present the relevant documents, such as the notification of approval and performance records.

Sources used: own research by the Federal Employment Agency

Berlin (dpa) – The coalition has argued as much about few projects as about the basic pension. Everyone wanted this surcharge on the basic security for mini pensions for long-term insured persons, but the ideas differed.

From January 2021: These health insurances increase the additional contribution New resolution: Costs for courts and lawyers increase Insurance coverage: Liability policy is essential Stiftung Warentest: Basic account is often expensive Christmas in lockdown: Quick gift: Pay attention to deadlines for vouchers

How many should get it and how is it checked who is in need at all? After the Bundestag, the Bundesrat has now also approved the law. It can therefore come into force on January 1, 2021. Key points of the complicated construction:

Who should get a basic pension?

In the starting year 2021, around 1.3 million people, 70 percent of them women. Namely people with mini-pensions who have at least 33 years of pension contributions from employment, child-rearing or care work. Their lifetime achievement should be recognized, they should be spared going to the social welfare office. The surcharge should initially be staggered, with 35 contribution years it should reach the full amount. In addition, only those with an income below certain limits should receive the basic pension. Also, those whose wages often only had the meaning of a supplementary income, for example through mini jobs, should not receive a basic pension, writes the Bundestag press service.

How is it determined who should be awarded the contract?

First, a comprehensive means test was agreed in the coalition agreement between the Union and the SPD.

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