Conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theories. more and more radical

The Topic Of Conspiracy Theories.

9/11 and Social Media: With the twelve steps and twelve in the conspiracy galaxy.

9/11 is the gateway drug to many a conspiracy theorist is. What begins with the search for meaning and curiosity, can end in a very precarious picture of the world – also due to the Algorithms of services like YouTube. more.

“Umvolkung”, “climate lie”, “infiltrated” police: My parents, the conspiracy theorists.

Peter understood himself well with his parents – to their political views more and more radical and lunatic were. What is the power with the family? more.

The case of Jeffrey Epstein: post-mortem of the rumors.

The circumstances of death of the Ex-financier Jeffrey Epstein remain unclear. Conspiracy theories make the rounds – fanned by President Donald Trump, but also by reputable media. more.

Laser reflectors on the moon: The Anti-conspiracy theory-machinery.

Three laser reflectors left by the Apollo astronauts on the moon. With them you can not only test Einstein’s theory of relativity, but also conspiracy theories to disprove. more.

Conspiracy theories about the moon landing: “From the first day, there were doubters”

Conspiracy theories. With the twelve steps

Moon conspiracy, Chemtrails, Empire flying disc: The physicist Holm Hümmler studied conspiracy theories. Here he, which are circulating in Germany can be explained. In an official statement, he self-doubts. more.

Christian Ulmen about conspiracy theories: “I can understand that somehow”

What if the moon landing would have been just a big Fake? The fascination of this conspiracy theory, finds Christian Ulmen understandable. Much more not enough for his empathy but. more.

Hungary: Orbán leads EU election campaign, with conspiracy theories.

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had promised to not cause any Anti-EU campaigns and more. Now, however, he accused the “Brussels bureaucracy”, they plan the Islamization of Europe. more.

Alabama: a Journalist calls the Ku Klux Klan to “lynching” to the Establishment .

He wanted to clean up Washington and think of Lynch murder of the “socialists-Communists”: In the United States, a Journalist asked the Ku Klux Klan, in the “residential facilities” in the capital, invade. more.

According to conspiracy theories on school strikes: the Flemish environmental politician resigns .

The secret service have informed the school strikes for a climate policy to be a conspiracy against you. The claimed Flanders ‘ environment Minister Schauvliege. Even after the resignation, she deviates from them not quite. more.

Conspiracy theorists: the Controversial Berlin-based teacher fails in court.

On YouTube, he appeared as a “people’s teacher” and spread conspiracy theories, the Berlin teacher, Nikolai N. was dismissed. Now a court has dismissed his suit against the termination. more.

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